Thursday, 22 March 2012

Eel presents her latest F.O.E.!

As many of you know, the Eel and her Small Fry decided to give up sleep for Lent and put together a second issue of the best prose and poetry we receive from around the world. What is less well known is that behind the scaly face of the zine there is a horde of unsung heroes who stop the Eel and her Small Fry cracking up academically and socially. (They also come round and do things like build desks for the Eel- a task your favourite fish finds rather difficult, given that she is not in the possession of thumbs). As a salutation for ensuring the Eel doesn't die from self-neglect, she salutes them by giving them letters after their name: F.O.E, (which stands for Friends Of Eel...obviously). This got Eel thinking. For some reason you humans are rather taken with a despotic literary fish who has minions that help her rule the River Humber with an Iron Fin, and she's found that her list of F.O.Es keeps growing. And of course, where would the Eel be without the writers? Eel has therefore decided to  give one of the writers who will be appearing in Issue Two some random letters after her name. Eel is proud to present Mary Stone Dockery, F.O.E to the aquatic literary scene, in honour of her first collection of poetry: Mythology of Touch. Released on Monday, it's sure to cause a sensation and can be bought at Amazon: In the words of her editor, her collection shows us how the mythology of touch includes the spaces in between-both physical and emotional-and how we both survive and rely on them. The dangers and risks each speaker survives draws us in for a safe haven of our own yearning." Dennis Etzel Jr., editor
Mythology of Touch 

One of Mary's poems will be appearing in the second issue of Eclectic Eel, which will be available in April 

For those writers who have yet to hear from the Eel regarding the status of their submissions, please bear with us. There are a number of pieces still under review so don't panic if you haven't heard from us yet. We aim to have let everybody know by Monday. Happy fishing!

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