About the Eel.

Apart from trying to become the Supreme Master of the Seven Seas and head banging to Nightwish, the Eel's other big passion is literature. Consequently, the Eel decided to get all technological so she could scour land  as well as water in the hunt for the best submissions from around the world. Three times a year, the Eel prints what she feels are the best of the submissions she has received in a small zine. As the name 'Eclectic Eel' suggests, the Eel likes variety, and the more of it the better. On this basis she prints both poetry and prose, and if she likes it, she will print it. The Eel likes pieces that are well written, quirky, poignant, and have something different to say about the human condition. Think you have something, but not sure it will suit the Eel? Fear not. The Eel is open to most literary styles and genres. The Eel loves creative writing so much she never closes for submissions and is currently considering work for the next issue. All submissions should be sent to the Eel at eclecticeelzine@gmail.com. (For more details, please read the Eel's Submission Guidelines).

Fishing for your very own Eel.

Eels have a reputation for being slippery and slithery, which is why people always think eels are difficult to get hold of. The Eclectic Eel is an exception to the rule. She has put her electric juices to good use by using them to run a computer and threatening two people into submission. These two minions act as the Eel's editorial Small Fry. They are the ones who send emails on the Eel's behalf because she finds it a little problematic typing with fins and teeth. They also update Eel's blog, respond to Eel's emails, update her Facebook page and manage the Eel's Twitter account. The Eel loves hearing from new people and so she has tried to make it as easy as possible for people all over the world to get in touch with her. These are the places you can find the Eel: 
  • Duotrope: To see Eel's profile, click this link: https://duotrope.com/ (Please note that subscriptions to Duotrope are required to find the Eel's page and access the Eel's interview).
  • Find the Eel on Facebook as 'Eclectic Eel'. 
  • You can also connect with the Eel on Twitter @Eclecti25084782 
  • For queries about the zine and to send the Eel your submissions, email her at eclecticeelzine@gmail.com  
  • You can also leave comments on Eel's blog.
 The Eel's Small Fry try to update the Eel's site as often as possible. To get more regular updates from the Eel, she recommends people find her on Facebook and Twitter. The Eel's minions, (sorry, co-editors), aim to answer all emails within 2-3 weeks. If you do not receive an email within this time frame, it means one of two things: The Eel and her Small Fry are simply swamped with work, or they have not received your email. In either case, you should contact Nicky Ellam at nixierox@hotmail.co.uk who will look into it for you. This is Nicky's personal email address so Nicky should not be contacted UNLESS you have not had a reply within this time frame. 

Getting a clone of the Eel:
The Eel's zine used to be printed. However, due to the increasing costs of postage and packaging, she is unable to continue posting copies to contributors overseas. Rather than limiting the Eel's contributors to UK-based writers, she has decided to make her zine available as a PDF that can be downloaded from the 'Eel's Archives'. The Eel hopes to have the next issue available online within the next couple of weeks, and she is hoping to get her previous issues on here as well - although the latter will depend on whether she can get permission from the writers. Eel apologises to those who prefer printed zines rather than online collections, but the Eel felt that doing everything online was the best way of ensuring that the issues continued swimming. The plus side of the Eel being online is that copies of the issue are now FREE and this means the Eel is easier to catch than plaice, (who can hardly swim at all compared to me)!