Saturday, 24 March 2012

Another Announcement.

Dear writers: It has come to Eel's attention that for some reason best known to itself, Gmail has been automatically sending submissions to 'Spam' (although it is worth noting that Gmail doesn't extend the same 'courtesy' to bloody Facebook notifications. The mind really does boggle). This means that Eel did not receive a couple of writers' submissions. Eel is very sorry if you were one of these writers. Until she can figure out WHY Gmail is doing this to her precious submissions, Eel has decided to change the way she organises submissions. From now on, whenever she receives a new submission she will email the writer to let them know that their submission has been received. She will aim to send this email between 2-3 weeks of each submission sent. If you do not receive your acknowledgement email within this time frame, it means one of two things: 1. Eel and her Small Fry are swamped. 2. It means Eel did not receive your work. In either case, writers should send an email to one of her Small Fry to check the status of their submissions. Nicky Ellam will be dealing with these queries and can be contacted at If you have to contact Nicky please put 'Submission Query for the Eel' in the email's title so she knows to look at it straight away. Nicky is NOT to be contacted UNLESS you have a question regarding the status of your submission. All other general questions can be sent to her Eel via her email or on her Facebook page, as well as on Eel's blog, where they will be answered as quickly as possible.

Eel would like to apologise to the writers this happened to. She only became aware of the problem on Friday. She has done her best to retrieve people's submissions so that they can still be considered for Issue Two, and regrets that she was unable to do this for everyone. Please be assured that she is doing her best to sort the problem out, as well as improve how submissions are organised. She hopes those writers will consider submitting to her again. Eel would not only be happy to consider their work for a later issue, she will also prioritise their submission so that they get a faster response. (Just put something like 'Gmail ate my last Submission' in the email's title so that the Eel and her Small Fry know to look at it asap). Keep fishing.

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