Have you ever being in a crowded room and thought, nobody understands me? Well, living at the bottom of the River Humber is just like that. The other fish can't read and never seem to understand which is why the Eel loves submissions - especially poetry, short stories and flash fiction.To send the Eel interesting things to read and stop her going crazy and electrocuting everything that swims by in a psychopathic fit, please read her Submission Guidelines below:

Submission Guidelines:
Poetry Submissions should not be longer than 30 lines, and the Eel will consider up to six poems per writer. The Eel has a preference for free verse, but is open to most styles and will consider formal verse if it is of a good standard.
Prose Submissions: The Eel prefers prose to be between 1000-1500 words. However, if a piece of work is of an exceptional standard she will consider stories that go up to 2000. As with poetry, she is open to most ideas, styles and literary forms.

  • Following the problems the Eel had with submissions for the second issue, she has decided to change how she goes about organising writers' work. All submissions should be sent to The Eel is now letting writers know that their work reached her, so all writers should receive an acknowledgement email within 2-3 weeks of sending their work. If you do not receive an email within this time frame, it means one of two things: The Eel and her Small Fry are inundated and simply haven't had the time, or your work has not being received. In either case, writers should then contact Nicky Ellam at who will look into it for you. (Make sure you put Submission Query in the email's title so the Eel's Small Fry know to look at it straight away.) This is Nicky's personal email address so please do not contact Nicky UNLESS you have not had a response after 3 weeks. 
  • Eel doesn't mind people sending their work in attachments, but she would prefer all submissions to be in the body of submission emails because it makes her life easier when she formats the zine, and this makes the Eel a happy fish. 
  • Because the Eel has no friends in the River Humber, she enjoys reading writers' biographies because they make her feel less lonely, and can sometimes make the difference between a writer getting accepted or rejected. Consequently, all submissions should be accompanied with a brief biography written in the third person, and should not be any longer than 4 lines. The Eel prefers biographies that indicate the writer's character to those that simply name-drop the individual's every single publication. 
  • The Eel is bemused that she has to write this, but you would be surprised how many people send her work without bothering to visit her website. The Eel strongly advises writers to do their market research by looking at the stuff on her website before they submit. She also recommends that people try and purchase a copy of one of the Eel's issues to get more of a feel for the type of writing that is likely to get accepted, although she is sympathetic to writers who cannot afford to purchase a copy of every single publication they consider submitting to. (Make sure you visit the website though!) 
  • The Eel doesn't have any objections to writers sending work that's being considered elsewhere. However, the Eel does not want to see herself included in a chain submission email.(Again, the Eel is shaking her scaly head in despair because she has just had to type that). The Eel reserves the right to not respond to chain submission emails because she considers it to be bad manners.She also asks writers to let the Eel know as soon as possible if they decide to withdraw a submission.
  • The Eel is gnashing her teeth that she is also obliged to put this point in writing, but yes, someone did actually do this. The Eel receives a lot of submissions from around the world and while it is regrettable, she is unable to send every writer individual feedback on why they got rejected. If she did  then the zine would never get printed because she would never reach the end of her email list. Consequently, she only sends writers individual feedback in exceptional circumstances - i.e., the Eel liked the piece but it was too long or maybe needed a little more work. The Eel does not take kindly to receiving abusive emails from writers who have got rejected and then proceed to tell the Eel what she should and shouldn't print in her own zine. As with chain submission emails, the Eel will not only refuse to respond, she will also not read any future submissions from individuals who decide to do this. The Eel knows it's frustrating when writers get rejected and she is happy to provide feedback for people if they let her know, providing they are asking out of a genuine desire to improve their work, and do so without hostility. (Just be aware that if you do request feedback it may take the Eel some time to get back to you). 
  • The Eel is a zine that runs on a very small budget and a Hell of a lot of love for writing and energy. She is therefore unable to offer monetary payment for the work she prints. She does however ensure that contributors get a free copy of the issue their work appears in.