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Looking for more friendly places to submit your work? Fancy reading poetry from a new, emerging talent? Or maybe you want to have a bash at performing your work at an open mic night? Links to all of these can be found below! 

The Clueless Collective were discovered by archaeologists digging a sewer outlet on their campsite of an important Iron Age site dig. Once released into the 21st Century, the Collective found themselves collectively lost and bewildered so they immediately started writing poetry. Historians believe this was an attempt at communication, but but it's more than likely the Collective were just bored because they couldn't work out how to turn the TV on. Come and voyeuristically gape at the Collective:

Humber Pie is a new blogzine based near Eel's habitat on the banks of the River Humber. When Eel realised there was a new fish (pie) in town, she was going to write him a letter of eviction telling him that this river aint big enough for the both of us. However, the Eel changed her mind when she realised that like herself, Humber Pie's mission is to rule the world with literature. Humber Pie is specifically interested in poetry and is currently looking for submissions. Check out this link to find out more about Eel's new F.O.E.:

Jade Kennedy is one of the Eel's most regular contributors, having had her poetry appear in the Eel's first two issues and another poem forthcoming in issue three. She began keeping a poetry blog earlier this year which features Jade's thoughts on writing, as well as a number of her poems: In addition to this, Jade has also released her first poetry collection called 'Silver Threads'. Currently available as an e-book, 'Silver Threads' will also be released as a paperback in August. Jade's collection can be found at 

Incandescent is a poetry anthology based in Hull, UK. Incandescent's editorial team are all published writers and they released their first volume in 2012. Incandescent is currently considering work for their next anthology. More about Incandescent and their submission guidelines can be found here:

Introducing Denny E. Marshall! Denny Marshall is acting as the Eel's resident artist, having provided his work for the front cover of issue two and Eel's forthcoming issues three and four. Eel is very proud to announce that Denny has very kindly given the Eel a link to his personal website! His site contains previously published art, computer art and poetry. Denny's site does not contain any ads, self ads or pop ups. To sample some of his art go to is a website based in Hull, UK. Established in 2003, thisisull has dedicated its pages to giving people from Hull and the surrounding area a platform for making their voices heard on subjects ranging from music to poetry and literature. To read some of the fiction and poetry being produced by the local people in the Eel's domain go to

One of the many problems new writers face when trying to get their work 'out there' is knowing where to start and getting the confidence to do it. Eel has found that performing at a spoken word open mic night in your local area is an excellent way of getting that much-needed platform. Eel's Small Fry regularly attend open mic nights. One of their favourites is The Spoken Word Poetry & Prose Open Mic. Based in York, UK, the night takes place on the first Tuesday of every month at the Exhibition Hotel in York's City Centre. Each performer is allowed five minutes to perform a piece of creative writing of their choice to an extremely friendly and supportive audience. It's a great place to meet like-minded people who live and breathe literature! More about The Spoken Word Poetry & Prose Open Mic can be found at

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