Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Push Cart Nominees: Read the Best of the Eels for yourself!

Work from the Push Cart Nominees!

With the Eel now one year old, she is thrilled to be old enough to nominate writers from her issues for the Push Cart Prize. She was even more excited when four of her nominees gave her permission to put their work on her site! She is therefore pleased to present Heather Cairns, Linda M. Crate, Kanchan Chatterjee and Mark J. Mitchell! To read their work for yourself, check out the 'Work From the Issues' section!

Saturday, 10 November 2012

The Best of the Eels: Push Cart Nominations!

As many of you know, the Eel was officially one year old in October! This means that for the first time ever, the Eel is able to nominate writers for the Push Cart Prize! A huge thank you to all the writers for submitting their work to us over the past year. It was a tough decision, but after much scratching of heads, the Eel and her Small Fry are thrilled to announce that the nominees are....

Katie Metcalfe For One Second (Short story: Eel # 1: December 2011)

Heather Cairns The Tulips I Keep in Berlin (Poem: Eel #2: April 2012)

Mark J. Mitchell Villanelle On A Theme of Desnos (Poem: Eel #2: April 2012)

Linda M. Crate your canvas (Poem: Eel #2: April 2012)

Kanchan Chatterjee The Poet (Poem: Eel #3: October 2012)

Ian Parks Glitter Ball (Poem: Eel #3: October 2012)

Congratulations and good luck to all the nominees!

Sunday, 4 November 2012

Photography by Sheri Wright.

Rusting Stories by Sheri Wright
The Eel is proud to announce that she has a new addition to her 'All about Art' section on her site! For the first time ever, the Eel is able to showcase some excellent photography courtesy of Sheri Wright. Sheri has not only provided four of her excellent photographs, she also very kindly agreed to write a short article about what inspires her art. To see more of Sheri's work go to the Art Section. 

Above:  Yellow Patch by Sheri Wright. 

Eel's November Guest Blogger: Ian Parks!

November Guest Blogger: Ian Parks!
Trying to find inspiration, dealing with writers' block and trying to not take rejection letters personally. These are just a few of the problems writers encounter on a daily basis when trying to get their work 'out there'. The Eel is thrilled to announce that Ian Parks is here as this month's Guest Blogger. In a fantastic interview with the Eel, Ian has given us his take on all these issues, plus much more. But never mind listening to the Eel prattle on. Go to the Guest Bloggers section to read what Ian has to say on writing, editing and publishing for yourselves!

Acknowledgements are due to Daniel Lyons for the photo of Ian