Friday, 9 December 2011

Story from Issue One!

The Eel is very proud to give you a story from the first issue of her zine. Many thanks to Counting to Zero for giving us permission to put it up on the site. To buy a copy or contact us, send queries to Enjoy!

Wishwhatever for the Here Ever After
Never had a wishwhatever, for the here ever after, with the long times and the passed me buys, couldn't buy into that secret feeling of wanting till the end of time, like I do now. Like it ever was real. However moreover moved over to the left hemisphere of taking it in spit it out til the next time, what I thought could be real; whenever brushed against the gossamer membrane breaks a broken plenty while, with the panty lies and the deep sighs and fake smiles disclosed misgivings.

But too much of the once try, bite shy, moth bitten smoked up on crack outlook of the past's time's pastimes passed me by with the won't try so maybe now could be the time to believe in the fate and the blind faith of the once hate, dear diary, smoked in a bowl and took some of the what what what what what ifs; could it be that these phantacies of dreamed up future ghosts of the past toasts oaths against switching on to the sweet reboot of the what could be?

But the never know how of the how could that be this real tripped the flick switch on those golden opps missed out upon by the one too punch drunk from the other times gets in the way of this sweet warm feeling, knowing, wanting to know this could be.

Must be some sweet path, dear dearie, for the drunk and the weary; take a look back at the sound of the memory of the needlehay sound of that which was not eavesdropped or picked upon in the piccu-niccu spreadsheet once embarked upon; looking for cognitive coordinates towards the place  a starting point upon which to build the shattered remains of the possibilities of what happened when those became possible realities, probabilities given to the likelihood of that which was could have will have been broken before we get anywhere, knowing one's good fortune in the game of chance this is.

So if there could  be a once would have been, how can the path be crossed without a marker?

Counting to Zero (c2z) is a phonic art graduate currently moving in synth punk circles but has also written numerous songs, poetry and prose in more traditional formats. The written word is also the artist's creative stomping ground, and an informed approach, as well as a love of language allows c2z to cut through conventional means to true expression in a futuristic yet timeless beat-style.

Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Connecting with the Eel

Eels have a reputation for being very difficult to get hold of because they slither and are slippery. However, this isn't the case with your Eclectic Eel. She loves hearing from  new people and so went all technological so that it is easier for people around the world to find her. Although she updates her site whenever she can, she can be found in other places if you want to hear from her on a more daily/weekly basis. Eel can be found:

  • Duotrope: To see Eel's profile, click this link: (Please note that subscriptions to Duotrope are required to find the Eel's page and access the Eel's interview).
  • Find the Eel on Facebook as 'Eclectic Eel'. 
  • You can also connect with the Eel on Twitter @Eclecti25084782 
  • For queries about the zine and to send the Eel your submissions, email her at  
  • You can also leave comments on Eel's blog. 

Monday, 14 November 2011

Eel's Thought For the Day

Eel thinks the Eel is a muppet. She came back from the Clever Fish School's library and took off her hoody sock, only to discover that she had gone to her lectures still wearing her pajama sock underneath. What a silly little fish your Eel is!

Monday, 17 October 2011

Eel feels popular!

Eel has just checked her stats and in the past 2 weeks has had 138 page views from the UK, 8 from the US, 2 from Saudi Arabia and 1 from Germany. This has made Eel very happy- she feels famous!

Eel's Thought For the Day

The Eel welcomes you to her new website! This is where you can find out what's been going on in Eel Land and send the Eel questions about her new printed zine of prose and poetry. Please bear in mind that this website is only 2 weeks old and is being put together as the Eel swims along. If you're interested in hearing about what the Eel is getting up to then please become a member- it's free!