Thursday, 20 September 2012

New Artist: Helen Burke!

New Artist: Helen Burke!

In July it was quite rightly brought to the Eel's attention that even though she accepts art work for her zine, there is very little mention of it on her website. In August, the Eel decided she should do something about it and dedicated an entire section of her site to everything arty. Her Resident Artist, Denny Marshall got the ball rolling by sharing his thoughts on those dreaded rejection letters we've all received at some stage. She is very pleased to announce some new additions to her Art Section. Because Denny is a never-ending mine of creativity and takes his position at Eel's Fish Quarters very seriously, she is thrilled to say that Denny has provided some of his previously unpublished colour art to accompany his article. 

As if that wasn't enough, the Eel is proud to welcome her V.I.P. Guest Artist for September/October, Helen Burke! A round of fins for Helen! Written specifically for the Eel's fishers, the Eel is thrilled to  feature Helen's exclusive article, Painting Through the Looking-Glass, in which she describes her artistic journey being like going through Alice's looking-glass. Helen has also very kindly allowed the Eel to showcase some of her art to go with her exclusive, but why are you still here listening to the Eel prattle on? Go and check out Helen's work for yourselves!

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