Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Introducing artwork from Alain Marciano

The Eel takes an avid interest in the contributors to her zine, and is touched that they send her emails telling her about their new projects. The Eel was particularly impressed with Alain Maricano's art work and urges everyone to check it out: Eel is so impressed with his work, she is trying to persuade Alain to design the Eel's front cover for a future issue. She is keeping her fins crossed he will say yes! To find out more about Alain, check out the 'Work from Issues' section of Eel's website where you will find Alain's short story 'Candies' which was printed in Eel's second issue. In fact, Eel is so awed by Alain's talent she has decided to award him with random letters after his name: F.O.E (Friend Of Eel). She is proud to welcome Alain Maricano (F.O.E.) to the aquatic literary scene!

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