Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Connecting with the Eel

Eels have a reputation for being very difficult to get hold of because they slither and are slippery. However, this isn't the case with your Eclectic Eel. She loves hearing from  new people and so went all technological so that it is easier for people around the world to find her. Although she updates her site whenever she can, she can be found in other places if you want to hear from her on a more daily/weekly basis. Eel can be found:

  • Duotrope: To see Eel's profile, click this link: https://duotrope.com/ (Please note that subscriptions to Duotrope are required to find the Eel's page and access the Eel's interview).
  • Find the Eel on Facebook as 'Eclectic Eel'. 
  • You can also connect with the Eel on Twitter @Eclecti25084782 
  • For queries about the zine and to send the Eel your submissions, email her at eclecticeelzine@gmail.com  
  • You can also leave comments on Eel's blog. 

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